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The Little Guide to Change at Work – In with the New

Yesterday we looked at the action steps to be considered depending on the choices you can make with regard to your acceptance of the change, or your desire. Today we will look at how to stay sane as you go through the knowledge gathering period, how to use various methods to build new skills and…

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Little Guide to Change at Work – Desire to change? Yes, maybe or no? That is the question.

Yesterday we looked at practical questions you yourself can ask within your firm to support you to take your power back in what may be uncertain times. This was around increasing your awareness of the change situation. Now you are informed and have your power back, what can you do with it? By now you…

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Taking your power back

Little Guide to Change at Work – Taking Your Power Back

Yesterday we looked at helping you move forward in a change environment by examining your own experience of trying to change a person that isn’t working in your personal life. There were either a few light bulb moments or a few cringe worthy whoopses. A few emotions were evoked as you applied the rationale of this…

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Little Guide to Change at Work – How to uncover my true feelings about change

Today we will run through an exercise to help understand the usefulness of using this five factor model. I will guide you through a situation personal to you, to help you separate the different elements. By the end of it you will be enlightened as to where you personally sit with regard to change, learning…

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Skipped steps

Little Guide to Change at Work – ‘I haven’t got time!’ I need results now!’ ‘What can I skip?’

On 09/01/2015 we looked at how front end communication is the key. Quite often, in a change situation, other factors can speak out louder either at the beginning or if things don’t appear to be on track. Budgets, the need to up-skill or training requirements to get new processes and system’s rolling sooner rather than…

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The Little Guide to Change at Work – Front End Communication is the Key

What makes you tick? Yesterday we acknowledged successful change can happen. We related the story of likening an approach to take to one which would also work in the stressful situation of how to change negative behaviour in a toddler. Examining such an approach to this problem gave us a fabulous insight and a model to…

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