A brief message about visualisation

The_Cube_Format_AW_Page_1We are often told about visualisation and how it will work for us in stressful situations. We are told about famous sports people practicing until scoring a goal or playing a golf shot until they are unconsciously competent. Quite often when holding workshops people say to me that its different for them. While watching the Cube a few years ago [26th September 2010] on ITV there was a wonderful example of visualisation at work. The contestant Mark Porter was a darts playing JCB driver. He had played several games and was actually doing very well. He had a won £10,000 and was playing for £20,000. The game was called Shatter and he had to throw a small ball through a diamond shaped hole about 12 feet away. Just before he attempted it he described his sweaty hands, how scared he was, how daunting the task was, he talked of fear and how it was looking harder and harder. He was shaking. In that frame of mind he was beaten. Then Philip Scofield said “just imagine you are playing darts” Mark then said to himself. “treble 20- Bull” several times this then helped to focus his aim. He then said “We’re in The Birches and we are having it!!!” several times this elicited a feeling of succeeding and winning…… he then took the shot. He made it look so easy. It was to me a wonderful example of what we say to ourselves in the crucial moments, in those decision-making moments. Because as soon as Mark had anchored winning previously he became unconsciously competent.

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