Making the numbers count

This post is for sales professionals who are given a sales target for the year and struggle to break it down. This will enable you to define how many calls & presentations are required. It will also enable you to determine the income from calls that go nowhere and even telephone calls that don’t result…

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Stop closing and start selling more

I often have conversations with prospective clients who ask me to teach their people to close more. It is as if he believes the more they close, the more they will sell. You can even tell in his language. What he wants is some simple old fashioned, old school ‘always be closing’ 1970’s ‘pushy selling’ training.…

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Cooking up a Goal Plan that Works

I am often asked by delegates in workshops, “does goal planning really work?” and I can usually tell from their tone they have a negative view about goal planning. This could be because they’ve set themselves a goal and it didn’t work or more likely they have had a goal set for them by a boss…

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The Little Guide to Change at Work

The Little Guide to Change at Work Change can happen at any time, to any one and in any organisation or industry. Over the next few days I will guide you through a greater understanding of change and provide you with some sound advice for anyone working in the ever changing chaotic environment we now…

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Don’t you forget about me….

A recent survey shows that 68% of customers leave a current supplier because they felt undervalued. [pullquote]A recent survey shows that 68% of customers leave a current supplier because they felt undervalued. [/pullquote]Most businesses focus almost all of their sales and marketing time, energy and budget bringing in new customers and seem to neglect their…

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Don’t waste time cold calling

Cold calling, no matter how much you don’t like it is one of the quickest, most efficient and cheapest ways to actively generate new customers. So many people hate it so much that they put themselves in a mindset that automatically leads to failure. They then never return to it and miss out on potential…

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