• Communication is not what is said,
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Effective Communication Skills

About The Course

You cannot not communicate.

All businesses talk about needing better communication skills, but often find themselves not quite knowing what they are and how to gain them. It can cause all sorts of problems with IT's miscommunications with Accounts and Sales' miscommunication with Management.

If you feel you or your staff would benefit from enhanced communication skills whis may well be the workshop programme for you.

How often do you see someone who always seems to know what to say and how to say it in any given situation? They know how to communicate with clarity, confidence, tact and Diplomacy. Now you can acquire these same communication skills at this workshop. After completing this two day interactive workshop you will be able to say anything to anybody in a confident manner that will gain influence and cooperation from you colleagues, staff or senior management.

Effective Communication Skills

Course Highlights

Learn how to get your message across with clarity

Simple tools to get your point across

Belief systems

Increase sensitivity to conscious and unconscious messages

See what others see

Overcome inhibitions

Creating Resonance


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Who Should Attend

You should attend this course if you:

  • Say to yourself. ‘I know what I mean but I struggle to explain it’
  • Need to set clear goals and targets for others to achieve
  • Need to transfer information accurately
  • Believe that problems are caused by miscommunication
  • Need to handle difficult people
  • Want more confidence to express your ideas


Course Duration

The course is structured for two days and should start at 9:30 to allow for introductions and registration. Due to delegate participation the maximum number is 16

Sales training courses purchased from DoRemarkable start with a blank canvas. We create a course that is tailored to your industry and your methods of selling. Our experienced trainers will deliver a fresh, interesting and engaging session.


Next Steps & Pricing

Call us on 01606 75740 and discuss your brief with one of our specialist training consultants.  We will then build a training experience to suit your team, your budget and most importantly your sales revenue goals. 

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