Who are you really…?

What makes you tick? How did you get on with the questions to start to reveal more about yourself? Who are you? The purpose of the exercise was to start to bring to the surface underlying (or unconscious) feelings you may or may not have been aware of. The next set of questions delve a little deeper to address ‘Who are you really?’ Remember, don’t think about a question for too long. There are no right or wrong answers, only honest ones. No answer is binding. It can always be revised.


Who you really are…?

  • Would you describe yourself as a pessimist or an optimist?
  • What makes you describe yourself in this way?
  • Describe a situation when you felt out of your depth
  • Describe a situation when you felt insecure
  • How loyal do you think you are on a scale of one to 10?

Disloyal          0        5          10       Loyal

  • In conversations with friends, are you usually the talker of the listener?
  • What is your reputation with your peers?
  • Would you like to have yourself as a friend?

YES                              NO

  • What effect do you think you have on others?
  • What (if anything) is preventing you from being happy?
  • What is your advise to people looking for happiness?
  • What are you looking forward to


In the future:

  • Describe something that makes you sad
  • Describe something that makes you happy

And finally…

  • Describe something you have recently learned.

Again these are thought provokers designed to bring more unconscious thoughts to the fore.

By now, you might be starting to recognise some patterns across all your answers. That is a good thing. If not, that’s fine too. You may be finding you are looking to the past as you consider your responses, you may be relating to a situation in your life right now or you could be looking to the future or saying to yourself, ’when that happens I can then be more like this..’

Confusion is not uncommon at this stage either as some uncomfortable matters may have presented themselves, matters you thought you had dealt with some unresolved matters you had buried long ago.

All that is happening is your unconscious mind is calling out to you. “Hey, this is unresolved. I’m presenting it you again so this time you can bottom it out and move on.” You may recall from blog #1 [How often have you wanted to change something but felt you couldn’t] how we established that wanting to change sometimes is accompanied by ‘but I’m stuck, or I don’t know how.’ The clues are now emerging to bring what is causing the sticking point out into the open. We have now moved along our path of learning to conscious incompetence.

Now, take a moment. As you are getting to know yourself better, have any additional questions arisen you would like to answer for yourself.

We are now moving into the territory of beliefs. Your own beliefs will definitely have started to spring up – what you perceive to good, bad and indifferent – What is a belief you may ask? It is something you believe to be true. Tomorrow, we will look at the impact of our beliefs and examine ways of moving then along to help unstick the ‘stuckness.’ We quite often are unaware of our limiting beliefs.

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