How to get the best results from your next trade show or exhibition. Part 1

How many times have you exhibited at a trade show and just not got the results you had planned? This blog post has been created to ensure that your next show will create a pipeline bursting with sales opportunities.

Making the show work for you may well transform your sales revenue for the year. Not planning it right could make for a day of disappointment followed by weeks of regret.

The preparation is crucial.

85% of an exhibitor’s success is determined by the people who man the stand.

Here are seven tips to maximise your results from your next show

 1          Training People

Ensure that your people are trained to man the stand. Make sure everyone has a positive greeting skills and product knowledge. The way you greet a visitor to your stand shows your professionalism and willingness to help. Avoid innocuous greetings like “Can I help you?,” “Hi, how are you?” or  “How’s the show going?” Instead, ask a direct question that engages the  visitor and helps you gauge their interest in your company’s products or  services  “What information can I tell you about our new heating system?” or “Hello, what are you looking for in a patio door?”

 2          Have experts & sales people

Avoid populating your stand with just sales people. Using the sales people as greeters and introducers and experts to provide subject matter and insight to the attendees who are more interested and knowledgeable.

 3          Engage quicklytrade show

Research has shown that if you do not engage with people within a minute then their willingness to talk with you will diminish.

 4          Capture people details

Have information-gathering sheets to note down details of a conversation. Putting business cards in a fishbowl will mean nothing the following day.

 5          Use the right questions

These work well:

‘what is of particular interest to you right now?’

‘what sort of business are you in?’

‘how has the show helped you so far?’

‘what do you know about us?’

‘what would you like to know about us?’

 6          Follow Up!!!!!

Follow up every lead you have generated, whether it is by email, something in the post or a telephone call. The biggest failing is not  following up the leads. The show was expensive …every lead has a direct cost to your marketing budget. Plan time in your diary for follow up.

 7          These may seem a little bit obvious but I feel they have to be mentioned

·        Watch your manners

Certain exhibition stand behaviour looks sloppy and conveys you’re not interested in your customers. Don’t sit down. Don’t eat or drink, at the stand. Never leave your booth unattended. Don’t spend time chatting with colleagues instead of focusing on customers. If you have sweets they are for the attendees.

·        Don’t hog all the good prospects

·        Just because you stay over in the hotel on a company credit card doesn’t mean you have to stay up all night and look a mess the following day.

·        Dress your best. [You will thank yourself for bringing comfortable shoes]

·        You have to attend the stand all day so ensure you have fresh breath.

These are just a few tips. In the next part we will be looking at which event to go, collateral on the stand and how to get more people onto your stand without having to fork out for champagne.

If there are any topics around successful exhibiting you would like to learn more about, please ask.

Just give me a call on 01606 75740 or contact us here if you have any questions.

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