Making the numbers count

This post is for sales professionals who are given a sales target for the year and struggle to break it down. This will enable you to define how many calls & presentations are required. It will also enable you to determine the income from calls that go nowhere and even telephone calls that don’t result in an appointment.

To start this exercise two key ratios are required:

Telephone calls : appointments

Appointments : sales

Look back of your sales activity for the past three months and work these out. Your CRM system should provide you with these figures.

With these figures calculating activity becomes simple.

I’m going to use some example figures,

Lets assume the ratios detailed above are


Telephone calls v appointments 10:1
Appointments v sales 3:1 
Sales Target for the year £100,00
Average value of each sale £2500
Number of sales required 40
Assuming you only work 40 weeks 1 sale per week
Appointments to sales 3:1
Number of appointments required each week 3
Calls to appointments 10:1
Number of telephone calls required each week 30
Prospecting calls each week  
Prospecting calls for the year are [ 30 x 40weeks] 1200
Target /calls  £100,000/   1200 £83 per call




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