Organisation Development

Organisation Development – Creating a brighter future

Quite often, when businesses are looking to increase sales, via up skilling and training, additional underlying factors come to light which are affecting profit and performance. The root cause in our experience is, more often than not, a combination of factors around changes to the firms’ strategy, culture, structure and processes.

Of course training and coaching are pertinent to address the issue. Sometimes though more sustainable results are achieved when the matters around the changes are addressed first. Quite often the extent of the impact of changes is not recognised until turnover is affected, and the fact that the change has had a part to play. Why would businesses know? It is often expertise outside of their knowledge or even awareness.

This is when DoRemarkable can help. We are experienced business strategists with extensive experience in dealing with change and how to deal with it from the people perspective. We can do the recognising for you and support you to deal with the implications. We are well aware it is human instinct to naturally resist change. This makes your investment and ROI in training even more valuable and effective. Don’t just take our word for it (link here)

We believe in sustainable change. (Just have a look at our values)

So what is Organisation Development?

[pullquote]‘We define organisation development (OD) as ‘planned and systematic approach to enabling sustained organisation performance through the involvement of its people’ Source CIPD (an abridged version)[/pullquote]

OD  applies to changes in the strategy, structure, and/or processes such as an organisation, a        single plant of a multi-plant firm, a department or work group, or individual role or job.

is based on the application and transfer skills such as leadership, group dynamics and work design.

is concerned with managing change, in a flexible manner that can be revised as new information is gathered.

is orientated to improving organisational effectiveness by helping members of the organisation to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to solve problems by involving them in the change process, by promoting high performance including financial returns, high quality products and services, high productivity, continuous improvement and a high quality of working life.

Each organisation has different issues and challenges. Within each of these there may be different levels of awareness about the change, diverse knowledge of the change, varying levels of desire to accept the change, which highlights the assortment of abilities needed to deal with the change and finally how to reinforce the change to ensure the new way is the norm instead of reverting back to the old way.RADAR-01

For further insight, have a look at our blog series – The Little Guide to Change at Work which looks at how to deal with change from an employee’s perspective who is on the receiving end of changes at work.