• Lisa Machin

Lisa Machin

From a back ground in organisational development, improving people, processes & business performance, through to responsibility for training and development, Lisa has a passion and boundless enthusiasm for helping people to live better lives. She is an architect of change. Lisa stands along side business owners, stakeholders, managers & individuals. She recognises its scary heading into the unknown, into the often-unchartered waters of change.

She can guide you to see options you never thought were possible and move you towards positive change; inspirational not only on a one to one level, in a group setting she also delivers infectious enthusiasm.

Her style is that of enabler, not only in the learning of new skills but also instilling the confidence to use them straight away.

As co-founder of DoRemarkable, Lisa collaborates, creates, designs & devises inspirational programs which hit the very core of businesses' and peoples' needs.

She is an effective professional with extensive management & operational experience in both SME & multi-national organisations. As a lateral thinker she is able to use her insight to bridge the gap between strategic & operational levels within organisations and their customers. She thrives on achieving objectives in a constantly changing environment.

Lisa is a tenacious individual with ability to diagnose business & personnel issues, presenting tenable solutions & guidance.
Her facilitation, by building confidence, provides for sustainable improvements & results. She continually strives for highest levels of customer satisfaction, worthy relationships and positive experiences for all her clients.

Her expertise is in her ability to enable  positive and cultural change, process & performance improvement, leadership development, and utilisation of NLP techniques.

Lisa is a Master Coach & Master Practitioner of NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming.] She is a qualified trainer in one to one & group training techniques as well as a certified in Trainer Training.






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