The two stories we tell ourselves that stop us reaching our goals

I am often asked about goal planning and why so often it doesn’t work. It is in almost every case down to how we talk about the goals to ourselves.

Most people assuming their goal is money. How much you want it or ‘need’ it or towards and away goals…well that’s for another post.

The two ‘stories’ we tell ourselves are…

·      ‘Something’ has to happen before I will start on my goal.

·      When I have achieved my goal everything will be perfect and I will have no problems.

The first one causes us to justify reasons for us to delay and procrastinate. E.g. ‘I will get fit when………’ We’ve moved house, I’ve got a new job’ or even ‘when I have time.’

This makes us feel happy that we have committed to the goal… but just not now. We put things off until tomorrow or some other future event. If that is the case then nothing ever gets done. As Tony Robbins says ‘Never leave the scene of an intention without taking action’. Do something…. take action…. whatever the goal is there is a ‘first’ step that you can make immediately it is in these moments of action that goals start to become reality.

The second ‘story’ we tell ourselves is that everything will be perfect… that is just plain untrue. What I will say is that we become able to cope with bigger challenges. Wishing for a time when we have no challenges or issues is unrealistic and will always lead to disappointment.

The biggest gain in achieving a goal is not the goal; it is who we become by achieving it.

Action plan.

Assess were you are now, in relation to the goal.

Assess where you would like to be, in relation to the goal.

Assess what would bring you closer to the goal.

Write it down….



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