I want to change…but…

change How often have you heard someone say “I’m depressed, I’m stressed, I’m anxious…etc.” Usual turn of phrase isn’t it? Ok, so now ask “How do you do depressed, how do you do stressed, how do you do anxious?” The answer will illustrate the behaviour they are “doing.” This helps to separate the behaviour from the person and in doing so detaches them from the label, therefore the person is less overwhelmed and can then start to consider how to change the behaviour.

Did you know all behaviour and learning is unconscious, just like breathing? Teaching someone to change is therefore very difficult as it addresses the conscious mind – that’s why many bookshelves are filled with self help books that didn’t work. The theory is usually fantastic, except, all learning and change is unconscious. So, how do you communicate with your unconscious mind? – to facilitate change from there instead! How would it feel if you knew how to and could actually do it for yourself? Now, you are a little curious aren’t you?

Tomorrow, we will look at the relevance of learning to drive..

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