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Why choose us


We firmly believe that at the heart of a successful and valuable training, development or coaching project is the ability to instill authenticity in the participants. It’s not just down who is a good actor.

Its not just on-the-ground experience that makes us different. When you work with DoRemarkable, you won’t get a consultant with lots of opinions & few practical solutions or an entertainer. You’ll get a partner who helps shift thinking, build you &/or your team & strengthen your skills & development. Our ability to think beyond traditional learning distinguishes our approach & capability to make breakthrough performance a reality.

Our style reflects our distinct:

Focus on developing confidence:

Whether we are delivering a customised program or a short intense workshop, we believe building confidence to use new or refreshed skills creates change that sticks. Therefore, our approach is designed to create layered learning, with a special focus on helping create a positive “can do” attitude.

Emphasis on the commercial:

Businesses no longer have the time, resource or budget to spend on lengthy courses where only part of the content is relevant & practical application in the work place is short lived if ever even applied. We continuously develop our materials to ensure they are stripped of irrelevances & actually get to the core of issues providing insight & inspiration. Our delegates leave each session enabled to use their new learnings immediately ensuring maximum value when engaging with us.

Ability to heighten communication skills:

We believe communicating effectively is the one of the most important life skills. It affects everything we do in every part of our lives. Enabling this skill is not only empowering, it is one of the most valuable time saving and conflict avoidance abilities to have, creating better relationships from all perspectives.

Our approach reflects this from first engagement with us, all the way through our process of discover, define, design, deliver and debrief.

We often work with clients for the long term, helping them navigate the transition through change & growth. We are accessible & approachable, using regular conversations to provide ongoing guidance & stay connected to your organisation’s changing needs.

These qualities have helped our clients achieve success beyond what they experienced with more traditional training approaches. Read testimonials from organisations we’ve supported.

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