• Get the most out of your superstar sales team

Bespoke Sales Programmes

The program would consist of a bespoke combination of the elements detailed below.

1          Launch [1 day]

 One-day module designed to create the foundation for the programme. This sets the stage for the execution. The key to this is to focus on the goals and objectives. This also allows the team to plan ahead.

2          Enabling Change [1 day]

This module will empower delegates to get to grips with change, understand why change is happening and how to control it. Delegates will discover how you can survive and thrive in today’s ever-changing environment

3          Getting Your Message Across [Communication skills] [½ day]

This module creates the foundation to enable delegates to learn some basic rules to help them get their message across clearly. It is designed to assist delegates to identify their own communication style and that of others around them. This enhanced clarity will have an impact on internal communications, the effectiveness of meetings and business relationships.

4          Better Time Management [½ day]

The aim of this module is to enable delegate to consider where the time goes and how effectively it is used. This will improve their time management skills and prioritise their workload.

5          Ownership [Accountability and Responsibility] [½ day]

To ensure that ‘ its not my job’ is banished from the workplace. Delegates will learn how to clearly define roles and responsibilities within tasks, projects, departments and organisations, thus enabling better understating of boundaries and accountably.

6          Team Development [1 day]                               

As traditional hierarchical management structures give way to far more effective flat multi-skilled working methods, creating, developing and managing teams is an essential and valuable skill. Delegates will learn how to build an outstanding team, improve team efficiency and develop individual team member’s potential and achieve targets.

7         Telephone Appointment Making [1 day]

In this digital age, making appointments by telephone with key accounts and prospects is still a much sought after skill. Delegates will learn a relaxed and effective call structure along with coaching to over come any call reluctance they may be facing.

8       Live Telephone Calling Module [½ day]

Delegates get to experience the buzz using new learning in a managed real commercial situation. This creates instant confidence and provides delegate with actual appointments as an outcome.

9       Powerful Presentation Skills [2 days]

This module will enable delegates to effortlessly create and deliver meaningful, memorable and engaging presentations. They will learn not to rely on PowerPoint slides, how to overcome nerves and sound authoritative and develop their natural presenting style.

10       Relationship based Account Management [2 days]

Delegates will learn how to maximise sales from existing clients by a more relationship-based approach. By fully understanding the clients’ business and challenges a true problem solving relationship is developed.

11        Attracting more Clients [lead generation] [1 day]

With the vast array of lead generation tools available to the modern sales professional, knowing where to start and focus one’s energy is often baffling. This module gets to grips with the fundamentals of networking, gaining referrals and using online networking sites.

12        Confidence [1 day]                             

This module is led in a safe, supportive and very interactive environment – allowing individuals to learn and use tools that will enable them to gain confidence in the work place. This will enable delegates to inspire confidence in others: their audience, customers, peers, suppliers and bosses.

13        Sales for Non Sales People [2 days]

Moving from a service role to creating new clients is often a daunting challenge. This module will enable delegates to get a better understanding of a consultative sales approach that not only is comfortable but also very effective

14        Creating a Powerful Sales Pitch [1 day]

Adjusting your pitch to your clients’ needs is a skill. By learning careful and precise questioning skills delegates will learn how to deliver a pitch that truly solves the clients’ problems. Delegates will learn how to deliver their individual point of difference, overcome objections and gain commitment.

15        Meaningful Goals for Boosting Performance [½ day]

Delegates will learn to fully understand the benefits of setting meaningful goals. They will leave with a compelling goal and a breakdown of the necessary steps to realise them. This will be achieved by creating a mindset focused on key priorities.


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