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Business Coaching

  • Would it feel better if your business was working for you and not the other way round?
  • Are you too busy working 'in' your business to work 'on' growing your business?
  • Do you feel 'married' to your business and feel you need to be there all the time?
  • Are you trying to expand into new markets or new products and services?
  • Are you trying to grow the business and find that staff are reluctant to change?
  • Do you feel you have lost the passion for the business you one had, or your motivation is less than it was? 
  • Are you hiding from important decisions you need to make in your business?
  • Have you ever thought about getting a business coach?

Are you good at what you do and would like to become outstanding?

would you like to improve your work / life balance and get to grips with your standard of life and not just your standard of living?

Do you have an idea of where you'd like the business to go, but are unsure how to get there?


If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions, maybe you would benefit from talking to a Business Coach and Sales Mentor

Everyone needs a coach. Everyone needs someone to give them honest feedback. Everyone needs someone to ask, is that what your really meant?
Whether you are a footballer, athlete, racing driver, body builder, golf professional or even a television presenter. Everyone needs a coach.
These aren't my words. These are straight from Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt. They both openly admit that part of their success can be attributed to their coaches.
So running your own business. It just makes sense to explore what a professional, experienced business coach could do for you, your business and your success.

  • Having a coach will keep you accountable to your plan and your goals is important.
  • A good coach, like a personal trainer, will assess your strengths and weaknesses and your willingness to change.
  • They will enable you to step back and see your business from a new perspective. One where you can see the direction and strategy clearly.
  • We often work with clients who don't have a clear strategy. We work with them to create a realistic and exciting vision for the company.

My pricing is simple and transparent....

I provide the coaching or training service in a range of options to suit the needs and the size of the client and the project. Sometimes a brief discussion over the phone will be enough to discuss ideas and help, in other cases with larger projects a bespoke program is put in place that could span weeks of months.

I help business owners get a clearer picture of how to achieve the goals they have for their company.

[Part funding available if there is an identified growth project.]

Telephone conversation

Initially I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation. This is to get a clear picture of the issues or project you would like to discuss. I would be able to give you an idea of the help I could provide, whether it is training or coaching.

My prices start from £85 - for a 1 hour telephone or skype discussion, information and advice session. Call me on 07973305297


A face to face meeting with me for one of our services including training or coaching. Before we meet would would have a full in depth scoping telephone or skype call. Following on from this a meeting would be arranged. In this meeting would would discuss the value to the business for the interventions, the return on investment and the funding options and obviously the price to you.

Meeting price starts at £295 

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