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Business Development for Lawyers


As Lawyers are you beginning to notice an element of SALES has slipped into your current role? Are you finding it uncomfortable? This this is only natural, let's be honest, it is not what your studied for many years and took all your exams to do.

As a fee earner it’s increasingly tough to win new clients these days. Having trained you will now be a fully qualified member of the legal profession, with all the respect and position that entails. The technical side of the job over time will get easier with experience and you will become more relaxed in your role. Business Development for Lawyers.

business development for solicitors

The commercialisation of legal services in the UK means that the landscape has altered significantly. Partners, trainees, paralegals and even support staff are encouraged more and more to get involved in business development for their practice and the generation of new clients with networking and active generation of referrals.


Having worked with many professionals we fully understand the reluctance to ‘put on a sales persons’ hat. With this in mind we have specifically created workshops for various sectors to enable them to maximise client development opportunities, without having to step out of your comfort zone[ too much].

We will:

1          share with you simple systems to enable you to network more effectively and eradicate any fears or beliefs about networking you may have.

2          Show you how to comfortably and effortlessly generate referrals who will want to take your call.

3           How to comfortably talk about fees and revenue generation

 Don’t take our word for it.........

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul Parish as a sales trainer.  His ability to equip non-sales people with the skills they need to be effective at business development and lead generation is second to none.

His most outstanding skill is his ability to take people on the journey and get them to enjoy the ride, leaving them positive and enthusiastic about sales.  He has transformed some of our people, giving them confidence and empowering them.

-   Laura Parkinson Business Development Director SAS Daniels LLP 

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