Cooking up a Goal Plan that Works

I am often asked by delegates in workshops, “does goal planning really work?” and I can usually tell from their tone they have a negative view about goal planning.

This could be because they’ve set themselves a goal and it didn’t work or more likely they have had a goal set for them by a boss in the form of a target that they had to hit. In this case they didn’t have a goal plan or even believe they could achieve it.

So I want to give you a simple, however, powerful picture of how we actually use goal planning in our everyday lives, why sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t work.

Picture the scene. You have just been bought, as a present, a fantastic glossy recipe book, the latest book from a top celebrity chef. It could be Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey or Nigel Slater.

We flick through the pages and in most cases we stop at a colour picture of a dish. The picture is bright and vibrant. The food looks shiny and appetizing; we can even imagine the smell of the finished dish. We can even imagine the taste of the finished dish. We can even imagine that person or persons we are trying to impress saying how fantastic it tastes, you are a fantastic chef and can they have the recipe.

This is where the process starts. From these emotions and feelings is where the motivation to cook the dish comes from. We assess the complexity of the dish to see if we could achieve an identical outcome.

We then look at the list of ingredients to ensure before we start we have everything needed. If we are 100% serious about creating this dish we wouldn’t start unless everything had been purchased.

We then look at the list of instructions. We know if we are to recreate the dish exactly then we have to follow the instructions 100% to the letter. No skipping items.

If we follow this system there is every chance that our dish should turn out just like Jamie’s, Gordon’s or Nigel’s.

foodSo how can we translate this system to our goals? It is simple. If we focus hard on the three key steps outlined above.

1]              Do we feel enough passion about a clear goal to ensure we stay motivated?

2]              Do we possess everything, skills, talents and support needed to achieve the goal?

3]              Are we prepared to follow our plan 100%?

 ……………It is the true answer to these simple questions this will determine the goals failure or success.

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