Don’t waste time cold calling

Cold calling, no matter how much you don’t like it is one of the quickest, most efficient and cheapest ways to actively generate new customers. So many people hate it so much that they put themselves in a mindset that automatically leads to failure. They then never return to it and miss out on potential revenue.

Here are 6 ways to make cold calling not only far more effective, but also to make it more fun.

1 Learn the right physiology. You may well find that standing up and putting on your biggest smile will help with your attitude.

2 Timing is crucial. I sometimes talk to sales people who call for 6 or even 8 hours per day. I would stick a to maximum time on any session at 2 hours. The best two hours to make business to business telephones is 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock on a Thursday morning.

3 Plan and practice the opening statement. It should be relaxed and rehearsed and bridge to an investigative question.

4 Understand the importance of cold calling. Too many people go through the motions. It will pay dividends if you are comfortable doing it.

5 Learn to cope with rejection. I always hear it from delegates on courses I run. They want techniques to stop rejection. Firstly, all sales people get rejection. Think of it as a numbers game. The more rejection you get, the closer you are to a yes.

6 When you have started, never put the phone down. This will save you lots of time and stop you having to keep picking the phone up.

Hope you enjoy your next cold calling session.

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