Improve your gatekeeper success rate by changing one single word.

How many times have you been prevented from speaking to that brilliant prospect by a gatekeeper who just won’t put you though? He’s in a meeting, too busy, doesn’t take sales calls, send him an email, no names policy...etc..etc.... We have all heard the typical, treat them like a friend, get them on your side and don’t sell to them. They are just normal please doing a job. They want to be respected just like anybody else. I have worked with many groups who find this to be the biggest stumbling block. It would be wonderful for me to share with you a brilliant technique to get though every time however I’m sure that doesn’t exist.

One tip I have shared with many groups is to change your initial conversation from a request to a polite instruction.

This is achieved by changing the ending of the request with the addition of one simple word.

Instead of saying “can I speak to Gary Smith please?” changing the ending to ......”can I speak to Gary Smith thank you”

You will be pleasantly surprised if you smile and give it a go. It takes on a more assumptive position.

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