It Doesn’t Make Sense

There is a Steve Jobs quote that says

“ It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”

This is the mindset of the man who was instrumental in the creation of the worlds most successful company.

So why is it time and time and time again I see managers recruiting smart, bright, graduates then teaching them old fashioned out of date processes and systems. Is it because the managers are lazy or stuck in the past… or even control freaks… No the simple answer is they are afraid of change. The culture a company has will always come from the top. If there is a ‘let’s do what we have always done’ mind set that must start somewhere. If there is a ‘focus on the numbers’ and not the people delivering them mindset it must start somewhere.

We have a generation of so called ‘Millennials’ or even ‘Snowflakes’ they are coming into workplaces that are very different then the ones the managers of old entered into when they were young. There will be no progression if business sticks to ‘doing what it has always done’ Einstein provided us with a well work quote about that. This is why across many firms, the numbers of is very high.

I’m not advocating handing everything over to the new starters, but listening to them would be a start. Ensuring the work place suits them is crucial. It takes more then the odd bowl of free fruit, a dress down Friday and a pizza to ensure they are engaged. Do There is a whole generation of eager graduates. Please ensure we are not just teaching them old bad habits and unproductive processes. This will switch them off to the exciting world of business and sales. Listen to the rising stars of your business. They are the CEO’s CFO’s and CSO’s of the future.

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