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Stop closing and start selling more

I often have conversations with prospective clients who ask me to teach their people to close more. It is as if he believes the more they close, the more they will sell. You can even tell in his language. What he wants is some simple old fashioned, old school ‘always be closing’ 1970’s ‘pushy selling’ training. In a lot of cases this will get an immediate result. It scares the sales people into going out and pushing more with their prospects and miraculously making more sales. The impact wears off really quickly and the team will get back to doing what they have always
done. It also pushes their customers away. The customers may buy now, but they will not hurry back to have more of the same treatment again. To increase sales the first skill is to present in a more compelling way. That is not to have more excitement or enthusiasm; it is to present an accurate solution to the prospects problem. To do this we must ask better questions and listen more. [See earlier posts on these two subjects]ABC

So, the answer to making more sales is not to learn 256 new closing techniques, but to make a BETTER presentation. How about the next time you are with a brand new prospect consciously listening out for INFORMATION, EMOTION & MOTIVES that way your presentation will truly mean something to them.

The benefit of modern training is it assists in changing attitudes and it teaches sales people to learn skills not just tricks and tips.

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